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Trade Strategies

Here at Tradera, we aim to provide a comprehensive trading education. Each service that we offer is designed to address a different aspect of trading and help our members develop into fully independent, successful traders.

Trade Strategies offers a series of comprehensive strategies which are broken down into the following components...

  • Strategy Conceptual Basis

  • Strategy Entry Criteria

  • Strategy Exit Criteria

  • Strategy Trade Management

  • Strategy Overview (Tips & Suggestions)


This service is designed to help our members learn how to trade based on specific, pre-meditated principles and begin to establish consistency and repeatability in their trading. Members will see how concepts from the Trade Academy can be molded into a systematic strategy that can then be applied to the financial markets. While our Trade Strategies benefit traders of all levels of experience, the strategies are especially helpful for our intermediate level traders who have began to develop a knowledge of analytical tools but have not yet developed trading independence. 

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